Fees & Payment Options

Most fees for routine treatment are based on the clinical time spent at the hourly rate. For more expensive treatment plans a written quotation will be provided. We ask that fees are paid on the day of treatment – all major credit cards are accepted including American Express.

General Dentistry
Hourly rate treatment £440
New patient examination (including small x-rays) £150-220
Routine examination including (small x-rays)


Panoramic x-ray £75
Scale & polish with dentist £125
Hygienist visit £120
Home whitening kit (upper & lower teeth) £500
Dental Implants
Implants (including surgery) from £3500
Implant crown from £1750
Bridges from £3000
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment from £650
Porcelain bonded to metal from £1500
Crown with post from £1650
All porcelain from £1500
Gold from £1500
Single front crown from £1600
Dental Veneers from £1200
Porcelain veneers from £1200
Composite veneers from £300
Complete upper and lower from £5500
Complete denture single from £2800
Partial denture – all plastic from £2000
Partial denture – metal base from £2500