Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentures , Bridges and Implants to replace missing teeth in Harley Street, London W1


Dentures are custom laboratory-made device, which rests on the teeth and gums, and is removed for cleaning. These can be a simple short or long term solution to some patients who prefer to avoid the more complicated options


A bridge is a laboratory-made restoration that usually involves preparing the adjacent teeth for crowns and splints these teeth together along with the missing tooth. This is cemented in place and cannot be removed. This is a fairly straightforward procedure but does have a permanent impact on the adjacent teeth and cleaning is more difficult


An implant is a screw-form titanium insert placed surgically in the jaw to be used as support for a crown. They can be used individually or linked together to support multiple teeth. They involve more time and planning but does represent the closest replacement of natural teeth.

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